It all began in 2003 when a group of five teenagers met together for the first time in Žilina. Being friends, they had more in common – the sense of music. Five boys started to call themselves Projekt36. They began to deal with different songs by various artists (Slovak, Czech, English, American...). Consequently, they went on performing at many school concerts. Later on, as they found “the magic” of the famous band Queen and its greatests hits, they came into being focused mainly on that kind of music. After a brief period, the band based their career on the passion for live performances of the biggest Queen´s hits.

The Slovak revival band Projekt 36 is offering an almost identical live Queenshow for you. “We try to get better and better. The power of our show is based on its sound as we call it Queensound”, laughs Janko, the front man of the band. The show contains hits such as Bohemian Rhapsody, I Want ToBreak Free, Under Pressure, Radio Ga Ga and many other. “Among the Queenshow´s must haves are included the following ones: a copy of the handmade guitar Red Special handbuilt especially for us by French luthier Mickaël Dansan (Dansan Guitars). Another feature is the acoustic twelve-strings Ovation Pacemaker 1615. And, of course, the necessity of our so called “guitar rig” makes the treble booster Pete Cornish TB-83, The TB-83 Extra Duplex, Boss CE1 and a typical British Vox AC30.

Not only do we enjoy performing the right rock music, but we also want to pay tribute to these legendary heroes.

Lukáš Konštiak - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals


Music idol: Jamiroquai

Favourite personality: Brian May

Matej Vrábeľ - bass guitar


Music idol: Prince, Earth, Wind and Fire, Jamiroquai, Meshell Ndege ´Ocello

Favourite personality: any good musician loving his family

Martin Kukan - drums, vocals

Music idol: Roger Taylor, Matt Sorum

Favourite personality: Jesus Christ

Jakub Vrábeľ - piano, keyboards, vocals

Music idol: Ray Charles, Richrd Müller

Favourite personality: Jesus Christ

Ján Kukan - solo singer, guitar, piano


Music idol: Queen, Freddie Mercury, Nazareth, Guns N´Roses

Favourite personality: Jesus Christ

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